Packaging is just as vital to a brand as the products they sell. That's why it's important to present a clean and clear message with your packaging.
I aim to help that process through the design and visualization of packaging dielines, instruction manuals, and planograms.
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Need to visualize different concepts of your design? Or how your product will look in packaging? Then I'm your guy. A large part of branding involves packaging, and that's where I come in.


Another important aspect of packaging - the instructions. Often hated by most, I try to make instructions as easy to read and understand as possible. Through the use of CAD software, I can easily create instruction manuals for just about anything.


I have designed well over hundreds of custom dielines. These are your basic blueprints for packaging, they dictate how your product will be protected, shown, and shipped.


During the package design phase, it's important to take into consideration the quantity of packages that can fit on shelf. This is where planograms come in. Not only can I calculate how many products will fit, but I can show you how it will look in-stores as well.

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